About Us

We are Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) formed by Devgad Alphonso Mango & Multifruit Association. Our Cluster is a company which is registered under Section- 8 of the Companies Act, 2013. Our major aspirations is for Longevity of highly perishable product, employment and women empowerment.

In Konkan region most fruits are harvested in short duration of harvesting season which yield in summer. Due to Hot humid weather condition makes it inconsumable which forces local grower to sell their produce take away prices. This leads to more wastage and loss of interest among local growers. To draw interest of grower to cultivate quality produce which leads to well-liked product and less wastage. Our aim to empower our members by implementing new technology, system and innovative business model, which lead to more profit, more employment and long shelf life healthy products.

Facilitation of multi fruit product cluster craft these fruits into fruit products available throughout the year is possible via enhancing shelf life and converting into consumer friendly product keeping healthy balance of nutritional value, health benefits, chemical free and desired taste of our consumers. To make available these product all throughout year helps generating direct and indirect employment.


“To Empower small units and growers specially women's in Devgad, sindhudurg, Maharashtra India for facing market challenges".


"To ensure conservation of Devgad Alphonso Mango and neglected fruits for consumers keeping natural taste, healthy benefits"


Finding the need of the local small units with respect to food processing methods & Proper agriculture practices is vital part in smooth cluster functioning. Acceptance of proper methods and practices right from beginning of harvest cycle to consumers ensures right quality product. Desired quality products fetch competitive prices and better profit leads to more productivity, less wastage. CFC ensures all members working together by continues training through professional trainers, seminars, visits to different agro processing chains and agro business exhibitions.

Our strong nature following intentions nurtures plans for conservation of natural resources by continues training and support. We motivate our grower to follow natural way of produce cultivation like using natural compost, no pesticides, fulfil requirement of salt and minerals in soil with respect to authorised lab test reports. This practice helps improve quality product for long time and relishes self sufficiency of region. One of key intention to promote neglected fruits and their product to consumers which motivate our grower for more plantation of neglected fruits trees keeps healthy balance of nature.

Standardisation brings uniqueness in set of products which increases efficiency of facilitation centre, cater more customer group in less time frame, which also brings structural reforms like order fulfilment in time, less wastage of time and material, one produce of different growers processes at same time and enhancement in systematic approach for delivery.

When production is done in nucleus way by different growers, less production resources are used. Less resources tends to less pollution and less environment harm. Pre harvesting, preparations before, during and post production cycle consumes large resources which is major difficulties for small units, resources cost can distributed if production is done at CFC. Waste management can done effectively as production is at one place rather distorted at different place. Cost of management is very low and recycle products from waste convey back more profit lead to less production cost.

Chances of survival of Small growers and small unit in current stiff market competition is very marginal. Small units finds difficulty to meet high marketing expenses. Due to CFC marketing cost can distribute for same produce, same product, different produce and different product. Marketing cost can distribute for local, regional, national and global which is affordable for small units. Standardisation of packaging and labelling helps mass production which reduces marketing budget.

Due to geological and commercial constraint women's in Konkan region bundled in micro units. Major chunk of women's effort spends to fulfils need as per others direction results suppression of self independent. Our aim to empower women's effort for enterprise different product from major and neglected fruits. Women plays important role in home making and most of our product used in family kitchen. We support this invaluable treasure by giving pre and post harvest processing support, production support, marketing support, planning for storage and arranging visits to different places to gain knowledge in food processing.

Due to short duration harvest time and hot humid weather condition it is essential to develop supply chain. Fruit ripening is very speedy due to summer period which we found scope to establish well developed supply chain. our plan to give training pre harvest methods so continues planed supply can achieve which results better quality product. Our supply chain also make sure product available to end consumers at right time which hold grip over customer trust.

Majority produce in Konkan region are highly perishable and turn into inconsumable state. CFC provide excellent storage capacity. Advance precooling method not only enhance life cycle but also preserves right balance of healthy characteristics of produce. As right quality produce is available the final product can turn into desired consumer expectations, Which is cherishes savour benefits with trust of consumers.

We are going to set up food testing lab for mandatory test and meet standard customer demand tests. For small and micro units face difficulties to carry different tests to meet different demands according to product list. This triggers price hike which results in less price competent product. In cluster, Testing lab facilitates variety test under one roof so reliable test can carry out for different variety of produce. Testing lab equipments are proposed Autoclave, Laminar Air flow, Incubator, BOD Incubator, pH meter, Colony counter, Microscope, Electronic Balance, Filtration Assembly, Micropipette, Muffle Furnace, Rotary shaker, Hand Refracto-meter, Hot plate, Heating mantle, Consumables Set, Glassware Set, metal detector.

In Konkan region employment revolves around seasonal produce. When seasonal produce turn into raw product which can use consumer demand products over long period of time results more create direct and indirect employment, is one of main objective of CFC.